Who we are

Here at Porkys Run Club we believe that bettering yourself can be achieved when you push your limits both socially and physically. Doing a fun and difficult physical challenge. We plan trips away, which include meeting people who share similar interests, to places
abroad to adventure new and foreign land. We welcome people experienced or folk
who are brand new to running with absolute open arms. So why not join today and
give it a go?

Where is Porkys Run Club

Our members are in all the corners of the UK and Ireland. To join, simply contact us and let us know you are interested! We let you get your own training done however if you need help the porkys community is always willing to lend a hand in training programmes, diet etc.

When should you join Porkys?


If you are new or have experience in running and want something different to train for then we are a perfect match. We are perfect for the new runner who wants to maybe lose a bit of weight or try a different sport maybe due to injury or your work demands. However, the experienced runner who maybe wants a different goal in training/life would seriously enjoy what Porkys has to offer.


Why Join

- Meet new people.

- Fun way of keeping fit.

- Stress Buster

- Personal Improvement

- Enjoy a different outlook on running.


History of Porkys

Porkys all began when there was a dispute in a pub between a
couple of, how you would say- ‘larger than life’ characters, on who could run
faster. They both decided to sign up to a half-marathon in Scotland with off
course a wager on the line- a tattoo of a man in a kilt running. The new
trainers where bought the next day and off they went- 3 months of hard graft in
training. It came to the trip over with 4 nights stay in the highlands of
Scotland, not a bad place to be- whiskey certainly did not disappoint. Then the
big day came about, and an eventual champion was crowned. A short trip to
Edinburgh, a tattoo booked and so the birth of porkys run club begun.

It was not until we made it back home that we realised how good the trip was and how much fun we all had. A few months went by, and another half marathon was organised only this time there was 7. Same again- wagers made, strava re-downloaded and training commenced. All finished with a few Personal Bests recorded quick dip in the sea, shut eye we ventured out into the night and joyfully reminisced about the past few months training.